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Digital Tunes Re-Design Phase

August 29, 2018

Just Wanted To Let Everyone Know That I Am Working On Creating The Digital Tunes Pages Completely Within The AmpedUPRadioFM Site   Previously I Had Externally Linked The Payment Buttons & The Final Download Page Through Pay-Pal

On The First Day It Worked Fine With Test Purchases  However Later Something Went Wrong With Pay-Pal   Something Fishy With That Whole Thing !  Not Sure If Pay Pal Was Covering Something Up & Skimming The Sales Figures Or Not...    

Had To Just Toss That Whole Concept Out The Door & Just Put Everything Integral In Our Own Site...    Just Have Patience As I Will Get It Completed As Soon As Possible !  Keep In Mind I Am Swamped With New Tracks To Edit,  There's Almost Not Enough Hours In A Day To Get It All Completed   Onwards & Upwards Always !   DJ E-Mix    Digital Tunes 

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