By signing up with AmpedUpRadioFM, you hereby agree to these terms & conditions as follows. All content submitted must include "Proper Ownership Credentials" of the materials submitted. User materials must be labeled correctly and tagged sufficiently along with a "Full Track Playlist"of your Podcasts, DJ Sets, Talk Shows etc. As we need this information for station licensing purposes. If you submit material claimed as your own, it must not contain material from other artists that may be copywritten. If you submit a podcast that contains a mix of other artist songs, you must include artists names and song titles so that full royalties can be properly distributed from the industry for the broadcasts. Any music sent to other radio professionals is soley for promotional purposes only and may not be sold or redistributed, or else it may be considered a violation of digital copyright laws.


All graphic's & Digital Media on this site have "Reserved Rights" and are hereby bound to AmpedUpRadioFM.com. Unless AmpedUpRadioFM.com excercises it's promotional right's to advertise and share the images to the properly licensed partner's in the radio & music industry. Upon signing up with AmpedUpRadioFM.com, you hereby agree that by submitting flyers as a promoted artist or dj to AmpedUpRadioFM.com, you give us permission to promote it with sponsored partners and affiliates.


Vocalists remain to own their own rights to their own materials and reserve the rights to distribute them as they see fit. You as the (Member) may not use the vocal materials for any other reasons than our competitions and community collaborations without expressed permission from the vocalist.


Use of our social networking services (Chatroom/Community Bulletin Board etc.) is monitored daily. Any such type of harassing, unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated & will result in immediate ban from the website & content. Personal information is not recommended for release in public domains or with anyone you do not know or know anything about.  If anything does occur that disrupts the community, please report the incident Here. Our Anti-Spamming policy is designed to protect our community from phishing or any other potentially dangerous external links. Therefore, we do have requirements in place to sufficiently verify our "advertisers" & or "Sponsors". Any sorts of content displayed for the public to access that is not registered to promote (i.e. "Promoted Advertisers", "Sponsors" or "Artists"/"DJ's") will be suspended for the breeching of the "Spamming Policy". If the user continues to spam, and is warned twice, the user will have a permanent ban placed on their account resulting in permanent (Zero) access to this website & content.




Your privacy is our high end priority & we take your privacy very seriously. Any information provided to us is used for your account only and will not be released to any other third party organizations, groups, advertisers, spam marketers or any other form of exploit of information of any kind. Information is only released upon request by the proper authorities to whom have provided the sufficient credentials in proof of "Identification" of the licensed authority official requesting such personal information. Direct communication from AmpedUpRadioFM and the member involved will then begin. The member will always be aware of every incident involving them first. Zero information is given at any time without you as the (Member) are well educated on the problems at hand and agree to the terms of the release of information.

If such problems were to arrise, (Zero) contact will be bridged in between the member & or the authorities unless this is a valid, qualifying investigation and have been presented with the correct documentation for the information to be released. Anyone who is caught using a fake or bogus identity to infringe or steal content from the community, will result in an immediate ban from the website & the physical IP address will then be reported to the proper authorities regarding the matter at hand.


All payment information is proccessed through PayPal and is a very safe & secure payment option for purchasing online items. For laser lighting purchases, please allow up to 3 and a half weeks for delivery of your purchased item. Your item is throughly inspected and tested before departure from us to you, to ensure top quality and performance before shipment.