Dua Lipa Studio 2054 November 27th 2020
iHeart Jingle Ball 2020
Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Tour 2021 Dates
Sony PS5 ~ The Future Of Gaming
Sony PS5 Pic
Joe Biden Build Back Better 2020 Support
Sony Xperia 5 II w Cool Music Player
Microsoft Dreamspark ~ Dream & Create
Steps ~ What The Future Holds 2021 Tour.
Digital Tunes w Earth Net Cool Logo v7
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ISS Celebrating 20years
One World Cool Sign
St Jude  Help Them Today
Our Revolution Green New Deal ~ Take Act
A New Border Vision #ImmigrationReform
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JFK Quote On Importance Of Immigration
Flags Of The United Nations
I Stand With Dreamers
Americans for Peace Now !
Together For Peace #jointogether
Save The Planet
Plant A Tree,  Save The Planet
Greenpeace ~ People Action Solutions !
Viva Paris Eiffel Tower + Cool Girl (7)
Good Music Doesn't Have An Expiration Date
JFK Words Of Wisdom 2
Nations United For Peace
7UP Mix It Up Stage !

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WinAmp 5.58 Newest Version Attained Straight From Winamp.com  Works Best If You Still Run Windows 10,  Shown Above w Large Bento Skin w Blue Invasion Color !  Click Image To Download From Our Cloud Or Feel Free To Visit The Winamp Site To Get It There

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WinAmp 5.57.1 Emusic-7 Plus 10th Anniversary Edition  Shows Same As Above w Large Bento Skin w Royal Blue Color !  Works Best On Windows 7 Systems Click Image To Download From Our Cloud 

News:  CD Projects Are Being Prepared  & Pressed,  The November CD & The Christmas CD Deluxe Set Will Be Available Near The Middle Or End Of November   The November Net-Mix is Close To Completed  As Of  11-7-2020 ,  Amped UP Radio FM Stream Will Be Temporarily Offline For Maintenance  
Digital-Tunes & Net-Mix Will Be Pressing A Various Artists Special Edition Christmas Deluxe CD Set For Purchase On The Digital Tunes Music Site  & We Are Gonna Be Having The Net-Mix Monthly Sends Available On Compact Disc As Well Beginning With The October-November CD's  So Two Big Projects Available Soon On The Site , The Website Is Officially Open !  Visit The New Site via linked Logo Picture Above Or At This Site Address From Your Browser Address Bar:  www.digitaltunesmusic.com    We Are Adding More Tunes To The Site Continually , We Did Add The Entire October Airplay Tracks Already  !  Everything Should Work Good  - Please Keep Visiting The Site  As We Will Continue To Add New Music & New Compact Discs As We Go, m4a versions are Available for All Of the October 2020 New Releases for easier playback on iOS Devices
WinAmp 5.57.1 Emusic-7  Plus 10th Anniversary Edition Was Added To Our Page For People Who Experienced Any Problems Running 5.58 On Windows 7 Systems  These Versions Are Best As I Ran Tests On Both   w Much Improved Sound Quality  !   We Recommend That Everyone Uninstall All Previous Versions Of Winamp And Install The Newest 5.58  or Best Previous 5.57.1 One  ~ It Will Have Your Music Sounding Way Better !  The Link Is At The Left Or You Can Visit www.winamp.com to download it from there ,  Use Your Control Panel in Windows to Uninstall Program, The Previous Winamp , Then View Your Local Disc C:  Users, You, Program Files x86 or Program Files Folder Open That To Locate The Remaining Winamp Folder  Delete The Previous Winamp Folder For A Clean Install On The New One,  Empty Your Recycle Bin,  Reboot Your PC Then Install The Newest 5.58  or 5.57.1 Best Previous Winamp  If You See Any Message On Install About DirectX Just Go Past It  It Will Function Perfect If It Can't See The DirectX Version    Enjoy !
Net-Mix Promos October 2020 Music Update 1  Is Completed !  54 Awesome New Promos In Clean Digital The Highest Quality Sound Possible  !   We Are Using The Original Digital Cleaning Codecs From TELARC To Keep The Sound As Breathtaking As Possible !
Suggested : Get The Pulsar Music Player From The Image Link On Our Page (Top Left) Or Go To Google Play Or Use Your Windows PC Or Laptop Computer w WinAmp v5.57.1 (See Image Link On Left To DL) 
MP3's Studio Quality Pro Ultra  HQ   They Are Compatible w Apple Phones !  But Not All iPods That Only Use M4a Files  
Don't Forget, The Images On Our Site On The Left Column Are Linked To The Perspective Websites So You Can Click On CD Universe To Open A Tab To CD Universe To Purchase Your Favorite CD !
Same As Pulsar & YT Music Logos Are Linked To Google Play Store To Attain Those For Your Android Cell Phone  !  Pulsar Is The Coolest Music Player For Your Cell Phone I've Found , It Works Great !
If You Are A Fan Of Share,  WinMX Community Program Is Available From The WinMX World Link Site (Click On The WinMX Logo Top Left)  There Is An Instruction File To Download, That Explains In Depth How To Properly Install - Download It To Properly View It (Opens In WordPad Or Microsoft Word) (Click On The WinMX Box Logo, Below The Main Logo Pic) The WinMX Versions Available For Download Are Most Recent Community Patched Versions,  For All The Winners !  (Use A Windows PC w Desktop View To See These On Our Site ~ Not A Mobile Phone)
In This Time Of Covid19 It Is Nice For The Less Fortunate Or People Struggling Finacially To Be Able To Enjoy Music For A Better Mood - Thank God For WinMX !
Downloads Do Work However Uploads May Not Go  Unless You  Can Configure Your TCP in sAnd UDP out To Be Different Ports On Install Not The Same Port For Listen And Receive  Tip 
For WinAmp Fans : 
WinAmp 5.58 Newest Version Download Link On The Main Page  ~ If Anyone  Lacks A Media Player For Windows   Both Work On Win 7 &  10 Great Too 
Thanks To Everone Who Contributed To This Amazing Project ! The Dream Team Of Artists Worldwide  :)

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